View Full Version : Network card died after running PCLinux 2009

31-10-2009, 05:18 PM
Had a weird thing happen today. I was testing the PCLinux Live CD in my PC for a project for tomorrow. Rescuing files of a old Win98 PC that has died. My testing worked OK and the network was fine so I did some exploratory looking around and went to the network setting and did some setups and all was well. When I booted back to Win XP I was told my network was unplugged, no network card LED . Plugged in fine. Booted into the Win2K partition same thing. Deleted the network card from WinXP booted back to WinXP, found new hardware same problem. Rebooted back to the live CD and the network was fine LED on. Powered off and rebooted back to WIN XP no LAN. In the finish I put in a spare Realtech card in and we are fine again but why should a Linux live CD screw up the NW card or did it load something into the card bios if it has such a thing while I was playing around?? Won't be trying this again in a hurry..

01-11-2009, 03:55 PM
What model is the network card that is getting confused?

Does it still work in Linux even though it doesn't work in Windows?