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23-07-2001, 08:50 AM
I have just used partitionmajic/Bootmajic and now can not access my second slave HHD from Windows Explorer. The slave HHD had nothing on it and had been formatted for Windows, I might like to use it some time.

Bootmajic said that it would
alter the master boot record and save the old one. I uninstalled the bootmajic but it has not restored the old MBR.
Can anyone advise where this record might be stored and its name?
Can I remove the Bootmajic MBR and restore the old MBR?
Would it be simpler to format c: and reload my system? If so would that allow me to access the slave HHD?

I'm using Win98SE with two hard drives. C: is partitioned as C: & E: drives. The slave is D:
Hope someone can help.


23-07-2001, 02:28 PM
Sounds a bit of a mess, I'm wondering why you were using Bootmagic when you dont have another operating system to boot into.
I would suggest first of all, use Partition Magic to determine the status of your slave hard drive eg, whether it is hidden etc. If so you wont be able to see it from Explorer. Maybe then start all over again, re-loading Bootmagic and read the PM and BootMagic manuals carefully.

Even if you dont have an OS on your slave drive you could use BM to activate that drive and then boot from a floppy to get to the slave drive.

To rewrite the Master Boot Record from a hidden back-up you can use the DOS command:
FDISK /MBR from a boot floppy having FDISK.EXE on it.