View Full Version : Realplayer still hogs soundcard after uninstall

22-07-2001, 10:50 PM
The real player & jukebox appeared to have captured the soundcard, preventing sound from any other applications running mp3 or wav files. The real player/jukebox applications were uninstalled using add/remove in control panel. The windows start wav is heard at startup, then no more sound following a small Realplayer window appearing above the system tray. Even after closing this window, other default players like MusicMatch & Win Media player decline to play any mp3 or wav files, reporting that sound card is in use. The realplayer & jukebox were suspected, and so this is why they were uninstalled, but despite this, a small realplayer window opens at startup.
The pc is a P11 200Mhz, Win95, Creative16 soundcard. Is it likely that Real have left registry entries or something that enables it to hog the souncard? Any suggestions are welcome..

24-07-2001, 12:22 AM
I am using win98 and have found that add/remove sometimes tels me that it has succesfuly removed a program when in fact it hasent! Microsoft probably didn't upgrade it for win98.Use windows explorer or whatever win95 has to find the real player folder. Before you manualy delete the folder, look inside for an uninstal utility; or look in your start menu, for uninstal Real Player, probably under Real Player. Vince

24-07-2001, 12:01 PM
Download Regcleaner. www.jv16.org This will clean up your registry and get rid of left over unwanted entries