View Full Version : PSP X2 Spyware?

29-10-2009, 12:16 PM
I just went to the Corel Web Site and in a Chat I verified that Corel install additional prgs when PSP X2 is installeed

I was not aware that they did this, were you aware?

This is a copy of the Chat session

[juan ] Does corel installs PSIService.exe programs when PSP X2 is installed?
[Glen] Hello, my name is Glen. Welcome to Corel Customer Service.
[Glen] Please hold while I check on that for you.
[Glen] Hi Juan, sorry for the wait. Yes, this is correct.
[juan ] How come this is not publized, this can be considered spywarwe
[juan ] I meant spyware
[Glen] No, its not spyware.
[juan ] Corel is collecting info from my computer and no notice is given
[juan ] That must the reason why I have not gotten an answer about the problem I get trying to install X2 and I keep getting an error message that there is another version installed
[Glen] From what I understand from our support team, it keeps the applications legitimate.