View Full Version : Reformatting XP w/ i386 (+ a virus)

25-10-2009, 03:08 PM
I have a Windows XP. I know very little about this kind of stuff.

So I picked up a virus somewhere along the line, of the AntivirusPro 2010 & SecurityTool variety, and ran Malwarebytes soon after. I did full sweeps, but whenever I restart the computer, the Windows desktop opens up with the same AntivirusPro pop-up in the toolbar that I always start out w/, so I don't think Malwarebytes is getting to the root of the problem.

I had planned to reformat, and figured wiping the comp clean would take care of any leftover malware (?). Since I don't have the Windows install CD, I need to reinstall from the i386 folder. After I follow the steps in winnt32.exe, and it runs its course, the computer restarts and at startup gives me the choice of running Windows Home edition or Windows Setup. I choose the latter (as I think I'm supposed to) and it ends up at a blue error screen saying the computer may have viruses and will restart (everytime I choose Setup I end here). Is it not possible to reformat w/ i386, w/o completely clearing up the malware beforehand?

I've read about booting from a USB, w/ i386, but it read like too complicated a procedure for my brain. There was also mention of special hardware and such, which I probably don't have the money for.

I hope the above is not too confusingly/confusedly written.

Speedy Gonzales
25-10-2009, 03:18 PM
Those are fake / rogue programs (theyre not viruses). All they do, is annoy you.

Boot into safe mode / networking mode, update malwarebytes, then do a full scan. Then see what happens. Get trojan remover below, (while you're in safe mode / networking), update it then click on scan. Then select all options under the utilities menu. Then boot into windows normally. See if they've been removed

25-10-2009, 07:03 PM
Here are instructions if you need them:

Chances are, the viruses have infected files within the I386 folder so that may be why you are getting errors when you try to install from it..