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19-07-2001, 09:15 PM
I have continually upgraded my old P100 system over the last five years (PII-400, Win98, 128MB RAM, now), but have not felt any need to replace the Sound Blaster 16 card and its very basic speakers. Following Steve Bass? feature in the last PC World I am now interested in adding a CD Writer to my system with a view to converting my extensive LP collection to CDs.

Will the old sound card be up to the task ? the speakers are unimportant as I can use a good stereo headset to monitor the work.


21-07-2001, 05:54 PM
hi Malcolm,
the answer is... perhaps. Only one way to find out. Record something from a clean source like a line out from an external CD player to the Line In jack on the sound card. Then decide if the quality is acceptable. Old sound cards often have very good quality recording so it might be perfectly adequate. You will need a preamp of some sort as you wont be able to plug the turntable straight into the the soundcard. You may need to use a Line Out output from your amplifier. There are many things which can cause pops and humming when sampling. Some include the aplifier itself, the harddisk in the PC the power supply, audio cables that run beside mains cables etc. You will need some good software that supports writing direct to disk as your 128 Meg of RAM will be chewed up very fast. You will need to cater to ~1MB per second storage. You can fit 650 MB of WAV files, or 72 minutes of audio on each CD. I like Soundforge, but there may be freeware or shareware applications available on the Internet for your recording. I suggest you record each song as a separate WAV file, rather than trying to maniputlate a 650MB file with 128MB of RAM. For CD quality WAV files you will need to record at 16Bit 44Khz Stereo.
Have Fun!!