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07-10-2009, 09:15 PM
Hi all,
I need help to help out another computer friend. He has a slow dialup internet and needs XP SP3 which would take him a day or so to down load,is it possible for me with fast broadband to download it on to a memory stick for him. If so, how and where from.
:thanks Mick

07-10-2009, 09:20 PM
Download the full installpackage from HERE (http://www.microsoft.com/downloadS/details.aspx?familyid=5B33B5A8-5E76-401F-BE08-1E1555D4F3D4&displaylang=en) transfer it to the memory stick, plug that into his PC, double click the file, and follow onscreen instructions.

Speedy Gonzales
07-10-2009, 09:23 PM
And where is he? And where are you?