View Full Version : Uninstalling ME

19-07-2001, 10:44 AM
after upgrade from 98 to ME
find that I have huge problems with sound and Fax.
would like to go back to 98 to see if it is ME that is causing this and if so stay with 98.
have tried to update drivers but find links and downloads corrupted.
tried to uninstalled via control panel but no option avaiable.
any advice gratefully received.
have a good day.

19-07-2001, 11:42 AM
Stick with ME. It takes a while to sort out the problems but in the end it is well worth it. Do a CLEAN INSTALL. You will find that there are a lot less problems to deal with. Upgrading from 98 does seem to be troublsome, so even if you have to reformat it will be worth it. You will clean out a lot of accumulated rubbish at the same time and your computer will run better after it. If your only problems are sound and fax you are lucky - shoudn`t be difficult to fix. I put ME on at release date last September and it took about 4 months to sort out. I am now more than satisfied and would never go back to 98. Hardly ever any lock-ups and if you have a real problem just hit RESTORE. Persevere - GOOD LUCK