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19-07-2001, 07:11 AM
could anyone please be able to tell me how to convert mp3 files to cda format using winamp or windows player or any other free software that can do it. so i can play it in my cd walkman.

19-07-2001, 11:56 AM
with winamp u can download the plugin but i didn't like the sound quality of it(note that was with the earlier version of winamp). i like the audioactive freebie converter, its a little to simple but sounds good. www.audioactive.com/downloads/index.html

19-07-2001, 01:07 PM
First off, if you do a straight converson from mp3 to cdda (cd audio format)via any of the popular cd mastering progrmas such as Easy cd Creator, Nero Burning Rom etc, though in my opion you will find the sound to be flat and lacking in depth. This is the way beacause of the way the mp3 is encoded. Data compressed audio suffers from two
major problems: loss of high frequency fidelity
and loss of stereo separation and depth.
. Also you will notice mp3s are encoded at a lower bitrate. I believe a cd bitrate is around 440 khz. even encoding an mp3 at this bitrate though you would still notice a degration in quality. This lowering in khz is done to lower the file size.

Though saying this there are a few programs around designed to fill in the missing gaps that you could use to inrich the mp3 before burning to an Cd-R. DFX for winamp in one such plugin.

Here you faced with your own prefence on how to get better recordings to cd in my opion.

1) Winamp and dfx(www.fxsound.com)

In winamp go in to options > prefences > plugins > output > highlight nullsoft Disk Writer plugin. This means any song you play in winamp now will not play through your speakers but decode straight to a wav file with any adjustments made via any plugins such as DFX. Untill you restore the output to either direct sound or waveout in winamp any song you play with decode to wave.

These wav files can now be burnt to an audio cd and you cd writer program will do the rest.

2) Another way is if you easy cd creator pro/platium edition (not sure if this feature is in the standard).

Contained in this package is a great program called spin doctor. In here you can clean, morph, blance the audio and alot more. If the sorce ie mp3 is a clean copy, no pops etc things a pretty easy to do. Depending on the verson depends on the steps taken here.

For Ver 4 Select options > click on morph the audio > Properties > morphing 1 > and tick concert hall. > then ok, ok. what this does is make the mp3 richer.

For Ver 5

Choose make music cd > sound stream from the roxio selector. Select folder as source and add the mp3s you wish to prepare to burn, and as destination choose cd. Click on the 'Show option drawer' > equlizer. Place a tick next to Concert Hall, and now hit record.

This is the one that i do, and at the end of the day the results are very good.

You will need about 1 gig of free room on you hard drive per 1 cd to make these audio enhanments though, but I feel it is definlty worth it.