View Full Version : Excessive memory use by Win95

10-03-1999, 01:17 PM
My computer has 32Mbytes of memory, and I am finding that Win95 is using around 25 Mbytes on loading.
On doing a Ctrl-Alt-Del I find these have been loaded.
Explorer-realplay-Systray-Navapw32(Nort. Antivirus)-cg16eh-cgmenu(both Norton Crashguard)-ocraw32 and ocraware(which I assume is part of my scanner ocr software.
What of the above is necessary and what can be stopped being loaded.
Also, how can the unnessary software be stopped from loading into memory on Win95 startup, or do I have to just accept what is being loaded into memory on startup?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Pete Patterson