View Full Version : 3Com Dual Link USB install failure.

18-07-2001, 05:41 PM
I am trying to install my 3Com ADSL modem via USB and cannot get the program to recognise the modem. The OS is a clean install of Win 2000.

The install procedure seems very critical and has to be followed to the letter, but regardless of how careful I am, it just won't install. I re-initialise the modem after every failed attempt and make sure that there is nothing left from the failed install but nothing seems to help.

The install sometimes fails with a 'code 31' error message saying the drivers are not installed but restarting the install seems to overcome this and the process steps forward.

The main stopping point seems to be where the install procedure says that the computer will reboot but it isn't clear whether this step actually applies to Win 2000 as the instructions say that the 'USB cabling screen' will redisplay with an active 'next' button.

Unfortunately this doesn't happen and the process goes straight to the 'verification complete' screen at whch point it eventually stalls with ticks against the TCP/IP and USB driver found legends and finally displays the message 'modem not found'.

The modem has previously installed reasonably easily to an ethernet connection on Win 98 and worked well.

I have conducted an extensive search on the Net but can't find anything that relates to this problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.

19-07-2001, 04:29 AM
I to could not find any spefic information on this problem, but try this..

First off we are going to remove any partical installation infomation..
Start > Program files > 3com adsl modem USB > Uninstall.

The uninstaller will probably not delete these keys and folders that refer to the modem. During the first installation keys and folders are put into the computer's registry. , therefore it appears to the computer that the modem is installed will not allow it to be installed a second time. These modem entries in the registry need to be deleted.

So lets manually delete your modem form ever being installed on the pc..
browse to C:\winnt\inf. Delete the file that reffers to your modem. (Note you will need to have show all files turned on).

Now fire up regedit. start > run > regedit.
search for any keys that reffer to your modem ie '3Com ADSL'.

If the Parcial install has left any files behind in its install folder, delete them.

Now shutdown your pc. Wait 30 seconds and boot back up into win2k. You must login as the 'Administrator.' Login names with administrative rights may not allow the install properly. Make sure there are no programs running, and disable all icons by clock on start bar. Now proceed with the install.

Did this work ?

Is the modem plugged into a secondary hub, try unplugging it from the hub and plugging it directly into the root hub.

You dont have both USB and the eithernet connection pluged in at the same time ?


04-08-2001, 03:37 PM
Thanks Jess

Following your advice I cleared one reference to 3Com in the registry but there were no files to uninstall due to the early stage of the install failure.

I finally managed to get it to install properly by devising my own procedure to cover the section that didn't follow the install procedure specified by 3Com.

The modem then installed and ran at high speed but kept dropping the connection. I couldn't find any info on this and all settings were OK icluding 'persistent connection' in the modem configuration files which is supposed to prevent this so I gave up, dumped it and bought a Nokia Ni500 instead.

This installed in less than 5 minutes and has run faultlessly ever since, never drops the connection and has reduced the frequency of my Zonealarm alerts as a bonus.

I guess 3Com and my computer were just not made for each other! The lack of posts on this problem suggests that mine was an isolated incident.