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28-09-2009, 10:00 PM
hi.. can't get the Seagate External HDD to partition into , say 3x300 logical drives.
In the past I have used Norton Partition Magic 8 to do the partitioning of the 80GB & 30 GB HDD's installed in my computer. I am not familiar with the Disk Management of Windows XP Pro... have never used it.

Problem is: Norton Partition Magic 8 shows the 1TB Seagate, (953,867MB) but lists it as follows:-
Partition: (*)
Type: Unallocated
Size MB: 0.0
Used MB: 0.0
Unused MB: 0.0
Status: None
Pri/Log: Primary

The other two drives are C with D as a 40GB partition of the 80GB Master HDD, and drive E is the 30GB slave. All internal IDE drives...there is a colour border around each drive that didplays the drives Type/Status..ie Purple = NTFS, Blue = Extended
The colour border of the 1TB HDD is Yellow; which is keyed as meaning " Other"
In the rectangle that shows the drive are the size and type; namely
953867MB BAD
The drive has 350GB of data on it and it is all accessible

I cannot use Nortin PMagic to partition the drive.
Attempting to use the Disk Management in Windows XP Pro SP3 to create partitions is a no-go either..remember I've never used it before but attempting to create a partition on the 1TB drive , working from the 'How to's' in Help and Support, Using the Windows Interface and trying to Right click a free space on the drive gets me no other options thjan these listed here;
Change Drive Letters and Paths
Delete Partition
When I try to use the Command line, after entering the necessary diskpart>list disk etc , and try to create any form of partion (extended/logical/whatever) and having antered in a size 'n' as 300GB, I am getting the return in the Command Prompt window as being " The arguments specified for this command are not valid'.
All Drives show in Computer Management as being 'Basic' Type, with C drive shown as System aand The Seagate 1TB as 'Y' Expansion drive..."Active".... 931GB NTFS.

Long and short is : can these external HDD's be Partitioned?
On saturday I went to DSE where I puchased the drive tuesday week back to enquire about the "BAD" showing in NortonPMagic. After saleman/tec plugged the drive into a Dualcore Laptop running Vista, all showed as ok in com management. as it does on my computer. however the ssisstant went online to checkout Nortons capabilities...he suggested that Pmagic 8 cannot find a drive over 750GB....bummer...
He also said that thes drives cannot be partitioned.....
Is this true or/and do I have a prob with Computer Management an that ,a/ I dunno how to use it..b/ something's amiss with my com because of the options that are available to me in Windows Interface do not include "Partitioning"
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?

Compaq Presario S3010AN desktop
AMD Athlon XP 2000+ ..1.67GHz
1.5GB PC2700 RAM
Win XP Pro + SP3
WD 80GB Master HDD + 30GB Bigfoot Slave HDD
And this Seagate 1TB External HDD ( ST310005EXM101-RK)

Help and advice well needed, thanks.
I cannot get back to view any replies to my thread until tomorrow early evening.

29-09-2009, 06:17 AM
Use G-Parted available on most Bootable Linux CD's. I use Puppy. It is fast and very reliable. It will handle situations which are beyond Partition Magic.

The Windows Disc Manager is a waste of space for anything other than changing drive letters, and is very slow.

For an external drive, make sure that USB2 is working.

29-09-2009, 07:25 AM
Gparted has its own LiveCD on the website, 80MB, and well worth it! :)

+1 for mzee's thoughts!

29-09-2009, 08:39 AM
GParted will do what you want great, if you'd prefer to do it from within windows Easeus Partition Manager will do the job too.


29-09-2009, 03:54 PM
+1 For Gparted.

29-09-2009, 07:33 PM
Thank you all. I will now get the suggested programs and give them a run.
Post back to you later about results.
I was dreading that MCC was faulty, meaning the OS that I have running is corrupted, because I tried to show free space as Green in the Com Management and it wouldn't do that either.
Reason for thought is that about 4-6weeks ago, a mate came rund with a 500GB External and hooked into my com, transferring a few GB of data to my com....after he'd gone I had probs with my com; missing drivers, host IDE Controllers for virtual drives, missing, etc. I tried System Restore and all my restore points were gone.
Eventually I had to do a System repair from the XP Pro OS CD. A virtual reinstall...lengthy process..had to do it twice...didn't replace the IDE Host Controller and I don't know what program that is for, yet.
I'll try G-Parted first. Thanks. Let you know.

mzee..the USB2 is working fine

The Seagate External does not show in BIOS (Setup) but I guess that's because its USB connected and not IDE.
Back to you later

01-10-2009, 03:47 PM
Well I got GParted versions and, also I got EPM.
Haven't used EPM yet and once I'd figured that GParted ISO's weren't going to run from a virtual drive or an optical drive with Windows up and running : )... I rebooted com and got GParted running from bootup....as its meant to do...: ) ..chuckle.
Did the job purrfectly...
Then along came a spider that sat down besider.....attempting to assign a drive letter to one of the Logical Drives (partitions) I had created resulted in my now having a completely blank,unformatted/unallocated space of 931.51GB External HDD....yep : (
New thread...." Totally Deleted Data on HDD-Is Data Recovery possible?"

Having said all that guys, GParted excelled. Cheers