View Full Version : Memory Modem dumping faxes

18-07-2001, 02:51 PM
USR memory modem operating under W2K with Outlook 2000 and Winfax. Since reloading W2K, memory modem is no longer working correctly. Two situations:
1) When PC is booted Winfax loads then downloads stored faxes. Problem: the stored faxes are being dumped after they have been downloaded. Not able to be read in Winfax. (Blue star around controller in task bar not flashing to say new fax). What might be causing this?

2) By playing around with different modem drivers I can get one which will download & read stored faxes okay BUT then the Dial up wont work 'Open Port error 797'. Under this scenario I can dial up only if I drop the Winfax controller. Seems that the controller is holding open the port preventing dial up accessing.
Winfax set up to use TAPI.

Stand alone PC, dedicated line, have latest USR drivers, tried re installing drivers, reconfigured everything many times, reinstalled Winfax fresh.

Whats particularly annoying is that this problem only started after re-loading W2K.

Anyone able to give me some pointers?