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18-09-2009, 12:34 PM
Morning all

I have a client with SBS2003 SP2 and they use Companyweb as their intranet.
They are using the standard built-in list for a staff directory, and this works fine.

However, two weird things have happened:

1: I've tried to add in an extra choice in one of the fields for the staff directory (a new choice in "Department"). After entering the text and clicking ok, I get an error "Cannot complete this action. Please try again. Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services."

2: Instead I created a new field with the old choices plus the new one, and this saves fine. However when I try to move the fileds around in any of their lists, I get the same error as above. This also happens if I try and move any of the fields around, eg move "last name" from order 4 to order 3.

I tried creating a whole new staff directory (test) and this worked fine, but as soon as I try and move fields around I get the same error.

I've checked the Companyweb permissions thouroughly, tried doing it as a different user, tried it through Firefox, IE6, IE7 and IE8. Have restarted IIS and have made sure all applicable services are running, and have restarted some services out of desperation.

Any ideas? This has got me baffled. I even restarted the SBS2003 server last night to see if that kicked it into gear, but no go - same error each time.

Just edited this bit in - it actually gets the same error no matter what I do on any of the lists - change the name, change a field from optional to mandatory, etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.

18-09-2009, 12:42 PM
What account are you using?

18-09-2009, 12:45 PM
My own and also Administrator

18-09-2009, 01:17 PM
Havent used companyweb since i setup a client.....I'd say that because it didnt like your original field addition it wont allow you to move the field you forced...I'm not that great with IIS...sorry bud

18-09-2009, 02:06 PM
That's what I thought - but it won't let me move the field or make any changes to *any* of the lists, even completely new lists that I create...that's the weird part.