View Full Version : Unchangeable files and directories on WIndows 3.11

10-03-1999, 03:46 AM
I've an old 486DX 2x66, with a 500mb HDD running Windows 3.11 and win32s.

The computer had a habit of crashing and/or corrupting files on a regular basis but it has got worse since I bought a new computer, nothing like the fury of a computer spurned eh?!

In recent times the crashes have become more frequent, often as many as 10 times over a couple of hours.

Once Scandisk found about half of 8,000 files corrupted or crosslinked etc.

At about that time a new problem appeared, the computer changed the names of some files and directories, as follows...

MSDOS became DOS. %
TEMP16 became TEMP16. !
WS_FTP became WR_FTP. !

Also there are a small number of ordinary files that have appeared with
binary-like names, such as: 4tSW_?f_.?F?

This isn't too bad in itself but none of the files and directories can be deleted, renamed, moved, or have their attributes changed, either in Windows or DOS. Nor can the files be viewed with a text editor or word processor.