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16-07-2001, 10:08 PM
Is it possible to have a sound card and my integrated sound running at the same time??

I want to do this because I like my integrated sound better, but it's not full duplex...so I need the other one to use ICQ phone.

So it will be cool if i can use unplug the speaker and plug it into the other device when I want to : )

My sound card is an old OPL SA3 ISA sound card, my motherboard is Soltek SL75KAV with AC 97 sound controller onboard.

16-07-2001, 10:45 PM
hi Jeff, the VT82C686B chipset on your motherboard supports full duplex using the AC97 drivers. Are you using the latest ones from VIA? If not, then go get them at www.via.com.tw. You can use two sound cards, though they both can't be ISA or you run out of DMA channels. I suggest you get an amp that can mix the two line outs for you, otherwise you have to use a cable connected from the line out of one to the line in on the other (to avoid cable swapping)