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16-07-2001, 08:36 PM
Tried to export messages on my OE5.5 as per PCWORLD July edition. After selecting FILE.EXPORT.MESSAGES a box says 'this will export messages from OE to ms outlook ms exchange'.
Try either of them and an error message says ' the export could not be preformed an error occured while initializing MAPI'.
What please is MAPI, MS exchange and MS outlook.
My original plan was to back up my messages on a floppy.

Thanks for your time.


16-07-2001, 10:49 PM
...i am unsure exactly what it is you wish to do - whether it's to save individual e-mail messages (#1) or save your mail box/s and all mail within Outlook Express (#2)as per the 'Export' Function.

In either event, by that numbering, here are the steps:

1. The easiest way to save or archive an e-mail is to click on 'File' in the opened message and then click 'Save As' which will open up the 'Save Message As' dialogue box. From there (as in your case, wishing to save to a floppy) click on the little 'down' arrow in the 'Save In' window and then highlight (left click) your floppy drive as displayed there. Ensure the 'Save as Type' window says 'Mail (*.eml)' and click 'Save'. Done.

Using that method, one may save messages to any directory, place or folder on the system - including 'My Documents'.

2. An easy workaround for the problem you are experiencing with the 'Export' function is to move the files/mail manually from inside Windows Explorer ... the default location for Outlook Express Files.

Bear in mind that simply 'deleting' messages from the Trash inside OE does not remove them from the Hard drive and (unless you have carried out regular clean-up maintenance) these files may be many Megabytes in size - far too big for a floppy.

Anyway, inside Windows Explorer go: Windows > Application data > and drill on down until you come to Outlook Express. In the right hand pane will be all your *.DBX Files, the default location for OE Files.

Click 'Edit' on the Tool bar and then 'Select All' which will highlight the files in blue. Right click on the highlighted files and then click (note well) 'COPY'.

You may then select any directory folder you wish to 'Paste' these files into.

...I hope this was of some assistance and if any clarification is required just ask.