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15-07-2001, 01:18 PM
I have a Solek SL75 KAV motherboard. I wanted to put my old Yamaha OPL SA3 sound card the board, because it's full duplex and the integrated one is not. Anyway the problem arise when I install the card..upon booting up into windows it always detects a PCI multimedia device (the onboard sound I suspect) and then my sound card, even though I have disabled it. And even after I removed it, directx still tells me that there's more than one caller using the IRQ or something...

What's going on?? Even when I disable the onboard audio in bios I can still use it as normal??? Why is that?? Plz help

15-07-2001, 04:54 PM
hi Jeff,
on soltek boards there are often two places that need to be adjusted to disable the integrated audio. both are in the bios, one is under the advanced chipset config, and the other is in the integrated peripherals secion. One is 'legacy sound blaster' (or similar) and the other is 'onchip sound' (or similar) Are you sure your integrated audio wont do full duplex before you put an old ISA card into your new system? Are you using soltek drivers, or the via ones?

15-07-2001, 06:11 PM
Hello Jeff
Your problem is probably caused by the fact that the AC97 codec is already loaded into your system, once this has been loaded, disabling via the bios often does not fully prevent the driver from loading.
To fix the problem you need to reload the Via 4 in 1 driver supplied with your motherboard and this time when you get to the Ac97 driver part, choose remove, reboot your system and the driver should be gone.
For a full explanation procedure turn to pages 39 - 46 of your Soltek mainboard manual.
I would also question the wisdom of installing such an old card into a new system, however if you must the following, taken from Soltek's Q & A page will tell you what you need to do >>

First of all, please try to check your ISA card whether it supports the plug and play or not.
2. If your ISA card doesn't support Plug and Play, you must enter the BIOS Setup to assign a specific IRQ for the card. Please follow these procedures.

-- Entered the BIOS Setup and choose 'PNP/PCI Configurations'.
-- Set your 'Resource controlled from Auto manual'.
-- Set the IRQ5 or IRQ10 to Legacy ISA.

Note: ISA cards cannot share IRQ with other device. Please choose a free IRQ for each specific ISA device.

3. When you finish these steps, please save all new settings with BIOS Setup and restart your system to take them into effect.