View Full Version : Losing graphics after on Internet for a time

14-07-2001, 06:50 PM
We used to get cut off a lot after being on the Internet for a time. Since having a rebuild we now don't get cut off but after a time lose graphics on any site we bring up eventually ending up with 'This site cannot be displayed' notice and 'Cannot find server'. After disconnecting we're OK again for a time - sometimes, I need to restart the computer. I have just added another 128 MB memory and we now have 192 MB and don't seem to be short.We live in a rural area and I gather our phone line is not the best.

18-07-2001, 06:46 PM
ok ! got it
try setting outlook express to scan for new emails 5 minutes !
if thats not working close it in a minute at a time ! untill you get a stable connection ! Also if you are rural and have a fax machine
try fax right from Telecom,
it will alert you to a line prob, generally tho if you are not hearing noise ,ie clicking etc (electric fence etc ) the it could be down to
settings , and or keeping the connection alive ! there are loads od tricks you can try to solve conectivity to the net , more a question of try one ting at a time ! post more info if i can help further