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26-08-2009, 07:57 AM
Unfortunately, a minor (under 18 y/o by law) cannot be branded as a "felon" unless the crime they committed was recorded as such and they were prosecuted under the title of "adult".

Here's another gross mistake in the handling of teen gang murders in a juvenile offenders' halfway house:

Two teen probationers, angry one was denied a pass to leave their Yucaipa group home, severely beat their caretaker over the weekend, taking his car and leaving him bound in a closet, police said Monday.

The victim, a 43-year-old Yucaipa resident, remained unconscious and on life support Monday after being struck in the head by a steam iron and a wooden dowel.

"It's not looking good for him," San Bernardino County sheriff's Detective Michael Rude said. The man's name was withheld while his family was being notified.

The suspects, a 16-year-old gang member from Long Beach and a 17-year-old from Oakland, were arrested at the end of a 120-mph car chase in Fontana early Sunday, and could be charged as adults as soon as today, officials said.

Although the San Bernardino County Probation Department was notified that one of the teens would be placed at the state-licensed home, the department does not place any of its probationers there because of the criminal backgrounds of some of its residents, a spokeswoman said.

"When we feel a home does not accept appropriate minors for our minors to be mingling, we do not use them," said Susanne Pastuschek. "However, the state has the licensing and we cannot control what they do."

Officials at Aiming High Treatment Center, which runs the group home, did not respond to a request for comment. The attack there late Saturday is the latest involving juvenile group homes to stir concern in otherwise low-crime Yucaipa.

Last summer, San Bernardino County leaders criticized San Francisco for placing several dozen juvenile probationers in Inland homes without proper notification. The issue stemmed from the escape of five of those minors, who were in the country illegally.

In this case, the suspects were U.S. citizens and apparently placed with notification from their county of conviction. Still, deputies in Yucaipa said that the population can be difficult to track.

"It's kind of a revolving door," said sheriff's Sgt. Jeffrey Bohner, who has worked closely with Yucaipa's six juvenile group homes. "People come and go pretty frequently."

Deputies were called to the home at 11:44 p.m. Saturday, a time when the victim -- an overnight caretaker -- supervised the probationers alone. He was tied up in a bedroom closet after being chased and beaten throughout the home.

The other residents did little to break up the fight, which started when one of the suspects was told he was not allowed to leave the location with a "home pass." Before fleeing in the victim's car, the teens stole money, food and clothes, Rude said.

They were arrested 2 a.m. Sunday after crashing the victim's car at the end of a 120-mph chase into Fontana. A California Highway Patrol officer first attempted to stop the silver Ford Escort on Interstate 10 for making an unsafe lane change. It hadn't yet been reported stolen.

"We got very, very lucky," said sheriff's Lt. Mike Newcombe, a Yucaipa station supervisor.

The suspects ran from the car but were apprehended a short time later. They were booked into San Bernardino Juvenile Hall on suspicion of attempted murder.

Newcombe said that his station would continue to grapple with the issue of maintaining safety in and around residential group homes, particularly those housing felons.

"Anytime you that you have an unknown quantity with a (criminal) record coming into your jurisdiction," he said, "it creates concern."

The so-called bleeding hearts are all upset by the possibility that the caretaker himself promulgated his own injuries when he denied these misunderstood and maligned pre-adults a pass to leave the premises.

In subsequent press releases, they stated that the teens were no real danger to anyone up until they were racially or stereotypically typed and that may have been cause for them to respond as they did.

In other words: these children were justified and the caretaker caused his own injuries from these otherwise good children. They blame his racial hate motives and failure to use discernment about the situation.

Maybe they will proffer the theory - no make that "the truth" - that the caretaker beat himself with the iron and dowel and locked himself in the closet to make these wonderful and up to this very moment sweet children appear as social misfits.

Every mother who has a child shot down by rival gang members says: "My boy would never be in a gang. He's an altar boy and reads the Bible all the time, so I know he had no part in his death".

Uh huh.