View Full Version : CD-ROM Drive problem

09-03-1999, 11:29 AM
I have a rather perplexing problem with my CD-ROM drive. Each time that I have to re-install Win95B this problem develops, and although I manage to resolve the problem each time, It takes a lot of effort and time while accepting a different solution each time meaning that I never really know how I fixed it.

What happens is that when I install Win it does not detect the CD-ROM drive (set up on 2nd IDE port) so, in ordr to load the CD-ROM, I need to run ?add new hardware?.

The problem is that although it does load the 2nd IDE controller and the CD-ROM drive, it doesn?t work properly. By this I mean that doesn?t seem to identify the CD-ROM drive as supporting ?removable media?.

I insert a disk, and the ?orange? (read?) light goes on, then nothing. If I open ?my computer?, or ?windows explorer? I then get a ?green? (check drive?), followed by ?orange? light and the drive reports the correct data.

If I then remove the disk, the ?system? doesn?t recognise this and will still show the initial data.

I have worked with the system registry, I have run add new hardware automatically and manually, I have loaded dos drivers both in Win and dos, (and loaded dos drivers in every conceivable way), no joy !

YET .. one day it will work, and when it does it goes for ever.

Almost like the system sets it up as a normal hard drive .. as I get the same result in both Win and dos, it would appear to be something that affects both (which I though to be registry .. ).

It is not the CD-ROM drive, or the internal connections (I?ve played with these before but whenever the ?fix? occurs, it is never ?related? to any internal alterations ..)

The fix, when it happens, is that the ?add new hardware? ?works? ... I?m wondering if Win is loading as ?non-removable? media ?cause if I run the CD player, it updates the data okay.