View Full Version : Linux Box - Just for fun

24-08-2009, 11:49 PM
Finally took the time the last two days to scavenge together the 'best' bits from two old PC's I salvaged from home. They have been sitting around for months after I initially had troubles with getting the better motherboard (a pentium 3) to boot from CD. Solved this using SmartBootManager which let me access the linux cd I was trying to install.

My original plan was to install Xubuntu, for the 'lightweight' advantages of it. However when I booted to Ubuntu 9.04 it was surprisingly responsive so have just gone with that.

The best part of the process was when I inserted a USB wireless lan dongle that I had got off the internet some years back. Wasn't expecting much as had had big troubles with it and Vista. But low and behold within a minute I was being notified of available wireless networks!

It's not my first play around with linux, but always before I have ended up going back full-time to Windows, rather than the constant rebooting just to use office. So should be fun to have a play now.

The plan is to make it into a machine to crank out some old DOS games, and maybe a bit of media serving if I can find a cheap HDD.

Now to get my sidewinder 3D pro working.....