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18-08-2009, 08:39 PM
Telecom line, dial up, slingshot.
in the weekend, i turned the computer desk around, didnt unplug anything, and didnt think anything of it, as i do this a lot.
next day phone wouldnt call out, got dialtone, but just dit dit dit dit sound quite fast, like it was disconnected.
i unplugged the phone jacks and re plgged in made no difference. still using multiplug with net plugged in at this stage.
the next day still no phone, and now i realise no net. didnt occur to me earlier cos i dont use it everyday now.
i rang telecom, (from neigbours) they tested the line, all good, a very good clear line the lady said.

i unplugged all phones / plugs and left them for a while. replugged in the phone and it goes fine.
i plug in second phone, all good.
i put in multi plug for extra jack for net, now phones dont work. i changed the net cord, i also undid the little phone box thingy on the wall, looked at the wires no idea what im sposed to see.
3 wires in the slots, i replug phone works all good, unplug phone and plugged in the net and works all good.

so i guess what im asking do those double adapter things break? or should i be looking further for a problem?

thanks all for looking. the idea of unplugging one of them each time i want to use the other is annoying.
im just so used to click on the net and its dials, or pick up phone and call........... no need to move from desk:p


18-08-2009, 08:50 PM
Sounds like a faulty double-adapter from your testing. Do you have another one you can try?

18-08-2009, 08:57 PM
I thought i did have another adapter, but cannot find one at this present time.
Might have to do a quick shopping trip tomorow and see if it fixes this frustrating problem.......lol

always something so simple that turns life to custard at times isnt it......:D