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08-03-1999, 11:30 PM
PC World

Dear Peter Cooke

I use IE4 and Outlook express for email. I find it easy to set up and it is as automatic as I can get it. I do play around formatting drives and starting again and have lost all the emails that I have received and sent. What I would like is some way of saving these files that can be retrieved for the information that they contain. I know that Outlook does try to restore the old files but they are lost from the formatting. It takes a long time to accumulate useful email addresses and it is such a hassle to start again from scratch.

I would also appreciate maybe an article for PC World where one sets up Word 97 as a the email editor and then sends it as email via the Outlook Express programme. I have to save word 97 docs as plain text and then insert them into the new message as a sort of paste from the text only file created by Word 97. At least I can see the text before I send it.

Henry Stonex