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25-07-2009, 04:11 PM
AS of this mornings AVG update it recognises a trojan in I Tunes and quarantines or deletes the program and runtime files. (Depending on yuor settings)

It appears this is a false positive (There is a posting here regards this) Plus I-Tunes has not updated recenty but AVG does every night!

To set a quick fix for this until the next AVG update (Hopefully corrected).
Open the AVG control panel (Double click the toolbar icon) then click on tools in the top menu bar and click on Advanced Settings. Click on "Exceptions" under the "Resident Shield" Heading and add BOTH paths for ITunes and IPod to the exceptions area. IE Click on the "ADD PATH" Button click the "+" on the "My Computer" click on "C:" then "Program Files" then "iPod" and click "OK" repeat the process from clicking on "Add Path" (IE My Computer, C, Program Files) and click on "iTunes" and click OK again. Both paths should now show in the Resident Shiled - Directory Excludes panel Click Apply and OK.

I know many of you will not have needed the full and long details but I thought it better to be verbose for those that may need it.

As an extra note. If your main (Windows) drive is not C or your ITunes / IPod folders are in different areas then you will have to use those directories as opposed to the ones above.

If you can not find the directory from AVG then right click on the ITunes Icon on the desktop click on properties, then Find Target (In the shortcut Tab) Note the directory and apply this to the Resident Shield Exclusion.

The bad news is if you have AVG set to delete any suspicious files automatically you will need to re-install I-Tunes. The good news is we had this setting and on re-installing I Tunes our music library was still right there.

Trust this helps any oof you that are stuck. There was panic in our house this morning when my wife had no music!


Multiple Windows XP Pro

25-07-2009, 04:31 PM
Thanks very much
I have spent the day trying to sort out what was going on. I had deleted I tunes, but on reinstalling AVG came up with the virus message again.

Speedy Gonzales
25-07-2009, 04:42 PM
Itunes was updated the other day to which was a waste of time. It was to stop the Palm Pre from syncing with it. Palm updated the firmware / software for the Pre, a few days later to shut Apple up :lol: