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08-03-1999, 03:06 PM
Dear Peter/Juha,

I seem to be experiencing problems with programs that utilise Apple?s Quicktime in that when I access Quicktime Videos in these programs they don?t run and then lock up my computer and my only solution is to turn it off and restart it.

Can you help?

On my computer I have both Quicktime version (16 bit) and version (32 bit). From what I can gather the programs that have problems running are requiring the 16-bit version of Quicktime to run their videos. I have run the sample video file supplied with Quicktime and only the 32-bit version will run ? the 16 bit program freezes and locks up my computer. According to the Quicktime documentation, Apple state that there is no reason why you can?t have both versions on your computer

I have tried various solutions to get around this problem, including removing both the 32 bit and the 16 bit program and then installing one version only (I tried with the 16 bit program first then removed it and tried with the 32 bit program). Neither method proved anymore successful!

Another possible solution I thought of was to upgrade to Quicktime 3, which I downloaded from the Apple Quicktime Website. However when I try to set it up on my computer it comes up with the following error message:-

?Error loading C:\Windows\System\Quicktime.CPL

?The system cannot find this file specified?

Could this problem be related?

For the record I have a HP Pavilion 6318, 300 MHz Celeron chip computer with 128M of Ram and are running Windows 98, Office 97, etc.

Thank in anticipation

Andrew King