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14-07-2009, 10:58 AM
My iPod (30gb) has wiped over 2000 songs.

I plugged it into the same pc as always but became alarmed when I saw it syncing itself for a very long time. Because of lack of space on pc I would load the cd into itunes, transfer to ipod and then delete from ipod library. This worked fine as long as i didn't delete songs from itunes it self.

Now ipod won't even load any new music, even stuff in the library.

Music files show up on iPod when plugged into PC but when you unplug the iPod has no music.

End result nothing on iPod. Photos are still there and all the files I use as an external hard drive, but no music.

I presume files are still on there, my questions are

1. can I extract the 2000 odd music files?
2. if I can't retrieve why can't I load new files onto the iPod?

Grateful for any help, and yes I know I should've backed the music up, I have 80% on CD but don't really want to have to load all again

14-07-2009, 11:14 AM
Hi jjblue, Welcome to the forums!

Fire up WinAmp and see what it thinks about it. Download the ml_iPod plugin for WinAmp also:

It may just save your bacon ;)

If that fails, do a Restore / Firmware Upgrade on your iPod and that should fix all issues relating to loading files onto it. ml_iPod even has some "repair" options you can try :)

Post back with how you get on with it.