View Full Version : Graphics aperture size

13-07-2009, 02:45 PM
From what I understand , graphics card use 'graphics aperture size' if the card doesn't have enough memory on-board and that graphics aperture uses main memory .

Thing is , my laptop has an 'on-board graphics system' that uses main memory . I've set it to 16 Mb (lowest setting) and the 'Graphics aperture size' to 16 Mb (also lowest setting) .

Does this mean the 'on-board graphics system' uses a total 32 Mb of main memory ?

13-07-2009, 03:39 PM
I'd say no.

The aperture is the memory window that appears to the CPU to allow it to write to the graphics memory. The graphics memory - fully-accessible only to the GPU - can be larger than the aperture - the CPU then has to tell the graphics controller to bank-switch the chunk of desired memory into the aperture so it can write to it.

That should mean that your available memory should only be lower than actual by 16Mb - it should show up that way in the BIOS memory screen.