View Full Version : Outlook attachment security DLL bodge

05-07-2001, 11:39 PM
Hi people.

many of you have been having problems with the security update for Outlook 2000 included in office 2000 sp2. It's the evil wicked mean and nasty one where Outlook wont let you have your exe attachments. If you wish to chop this 'feature' out, you can do so by opening OUTLLIB.DLL with a hex editor (eg AXE). Look for the section with a whole list of extensions in the ANSI string column, then overwrite the 'exe' with any three characters, eg 'aaa' Then save. Of course you wont be able to use .aaa files in Outlook, but it's better than .exe files! I would love to know if this works in Outlook XP/2001, and Outlook 98 too (I suspect it will), as these can both suffer the same problem. Remember people, back up the file first. Of course I would never actually do this, as it breaches the licencing agreement... If there is a more elegant way to chop the DLL please share the info...