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What do the GHz relate to,and is more better ?


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That article tells you the exact meaning of Ghz, but I think the OP wanted to know about Ghz in terms of CPU speed.

To Capt. Hook: Clock speed(amount of Ghz) isn't necessarily the most important thing in a CPU, there are other more important factors that affect the speed of the CPU such as the clock speed of your RAM, the clock speed of the FSB(Front Side Bus), and the cache(L1/L2) of the CPU.

And a CPU with 2 cores is obviously faster than a CPU with one.

Overall, clock speed affects the performance, yes, and the more the better, but if the clock speed is only about 100-300mhz difference, i.e 3ghz to 3.2ghz, I wouldn't worry too much about it. You could most probably overclock it to that amount anyways. Which is also why everyone smart buys the E8400(3ghz) over the E8500(3.16ghz) and E8600(3.33ghz). They know that they could easily OC the small clock speed increase and the hundred dollars or so more for only 160Mhz isn't worth it


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Thanks for that guys,

I learnt something tonight.


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Bear in mind that multiple core CPU (or multiple CPU) systems may only provide useful performance increases if the OS and software you're running on them can use them to full capacity.

Same goes for a 64-Bit CPU - you have to use a 64-Bit OS to get the full potential