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John W
28-06-2009, 09:54 AM
Hi there

Ive an spreadsheet with three column, Date, Business Name, Purchase Amount.
The bottom Row always lists the End date of the Month, and the Business Name is always ZZ - EOM, the Purchase Amount has a calculation the starts from the Row following the last end of Month Row.
Eg Row 400 30 April 09 ZZ EOM April (Formula)
Row 500 31 May 09 ZZ EOM May (Formula)

The Formula on row 500 would be SUM ($R:401,C3 R499:C3)

Ive a Macro that sorts by Date. This allows my PC illiterate BIL to then enter a date on the next empty Row and fill in the appropriate data. Hit the Sort Macro when everything falls into place.

28-06-2009, 10:37 AM
Sorry. I just don't see a question in your post.

Did you want a sort macro or is there another problem?