View Full Version : "You're All Better Now" But It's A Secret! Hush!

27-06-2009, 09:16 AM
Microsoft has once again been installing "surprise updates" against the wishes of some users who have expressly configured the operating system not to deploy patches without permission. The joke's on you - if you like it or not.

I guess they figger it's :" ....(sic) they'er OPSYS, so there!"

Who do WE think WE are anyway? Why we're a whole lot of ingrates!

Numerous readers of the popular Windows Secrets (http://windowssecrets.com/)newsletter have reported that they have watched their PCs install updates from the 9 June set of security patches as they've rebooted or when they've turned on their machines, said Brian Livingston, the newsletter's editorial director.

Those users have set options in Windows Update (WU), the operating system's default update service, to require their permission before installing patches, or before downloading and installing updates.

"If you have an incomplete update download, Windows won't display the fact that you have updates," said Livingston, referring to the icon in the taskbar that should appear when updates are pending approval. "Then at shutdown or reboot, those updates start installing, even though the user has set Windows Update not to do so."

And I just thought that the slowdown on my system was from Jackson's death and Facebook hits.