View Full Version : Do any of the techs here sell / stock ASUS TA-861 cases?

Speedy Gonzales
26-06-2009, 12:54 AM
If you do, is the front panel on it HD Audio or AC97? I'm using the above case here, and when i purchased it, I asked if it supported HD Audio. The guy said yes. BUT, then none of the sites that sell this case, say what kind of Audio it supports. It just says Audio, it doesnt say if it supports HD Audio, or AC97. I'll have to open the case later to see if the connectors from the front panel are labelled. But the header on the mobo supports both HD and AC97. I've looked on different sites that say (even if the front panel is AC97, you can still connect it to the header (so HD Audio works). BUT, there's so many variations (on different sites for HD Audio), its not funny !

Anyway, on this mobo the pins for HD Audio are labelled like this

Port1L GND
Port1R Presence#
Port2R Sense_Return
Sebse_Send Empty
Port2L Sense2_Return

I've read on some sites, that

Port1L= Mic
Port1R = Mic power
Port2R = Ear right
Port2L = Ear left
You leave Presence# empty
Sense1_Return - Ear R Return ? (should this be blank)?
Sense2_Return - Ear L Return ? (" ")?

Anyone know how many wires HD Audio actually uses?? Is it 4 or 5? Or more? Has anyone got a case with a front panel with a AC97 and HD Audio connector on it? If you have, how many wires are used for the HD connection?

I can get the headphones to work on the front panel (If I run realtek hd audio manager, and click on the folder, and tick disable front panel jack detection (which will make the front panel headphone socket work - it enables the headphone socket in the above program). BUT, then I dont think its HD Audio, because (like if you plug something in the back audio ports), it'll tell you you've plugged in / removed whatever. It doesnt on the front panel. Altho. I've also read (on some sites), this maybe a bug in Vista (it also happens in XP). Thats the only way you'll get the front panel to work (If HD Audio is enabled in the BIOS).

The case is similar to this (http://servicebg.info/KOMPONENTI/CASE/ASUS%20TA-861.jpg) but mine says Vento A8 Asus Chassis on the front

26-06-2009, 09:53 AM
I have used cases where there is both an HD connector and an AC97 connector on the same cable from the case. I just plug in HD.
This case will probably just have the one connector from memory, I used these ASUS cases although I can't remember if they were this particular model or not, there isn't a lot of difference between them really.
If it has 2 connectors on the case use HD, if it hasn't just use whats there.

26-06-2009, 10:49 AM
As pctek said, most cases that have HD audio on the front will also have the old AC'97 plug on the same cable.
You also need to check in the BIOS that the front audio is set to HDAudio.
Open the case and check the audio cable. If it is HD audio there will be two plugs and they will be labeled.

Speedy Gonzales
26-06-2009, 11:32 AM
Well, no there's only 1 cable. I wouldnt have posted this, if there were 2. It is on HD Audio in the BIOS. As I said, you can change the AC97 wires, so HD Audio works. What I was after, was HOW many wires are on a HD connector

26-06-2009, 12:29 PM

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