View Full Version : File Format to Use Rendering Handycam to DVD

25-06-2009, 01:26 PM
I have downloaded video clips from my Sony Handycam which created mpeg2 files. The total number of clips add to about 5.4GB with running time about 2hrs

I am editing in Sony Vegas Studio and once done editing i will have to render the entire project of clips so i can Use Sony DVD Architect to burn to DVD, Sony Studio renders in .AVI file by default it seems.

As a test run i rendered a single mpeg2 clip which is about 60MB in size. The file ended up being 300MB .AVI file !!!

At this rate if i were to render entire project of 5.GB mpeg2, it will be monstorous in size ! :( I was hoping to fill 2 DVDs max but seems like it will be way more then 2 DVDs at this rate !

When i go to render i get all these gazillion file formats (.aa3, .ac3, mainconcept mpeg-1, mainconcept peg-2, .wma, .wmv etc etc ) i can choose file format to render into.

Does anyone know what format i should be rendering into so its nice and compact file size and so i can fit my Movie into maybe just 2 DVDs. I was under the impresson that 5.4GB of MPEGs when rendered or converted for DVD would be roughly same in size hence using 2 DVD disks .

I have never done any rendering or burning handycam movie to DVD so any tips would be appreciated


25-06-2009, 06:13 PM
Try something like handbrake to re-encode the avi to a different codec such as Xvid.