View Full Version : Upgrade to Win2000 pros & cons

02-07-2001, 05:11 PM
I am looking to a possible upgrade from W98 SE

Should I??

Running Athlon thunderbird 800 Mhz with 256Mb Ram 100Mhz



02-07-2001, 09:28 PM
Yup, just confirm you have drivers for all your stuff before you start. :)

02-07-2001, 10:57 PM
hmm from what i have read....

Pros = More stable, cpu will run cooler, should be faster in some things. Cons = Games may not be supported, no dos like u have now, needs a lot of hd space...

there r proberly more u may need to talk to someone that has run it for a while...Oh u have enough cpu & ram to run it fine

07-07-2001, 08:23 PM
I ran with Win 2000 for about three months, untill it started peforming like an old Win 98SE install.
Currently back to running Win 98SE, if you don't mind re-installing your OS every 6 months, its fine. Many of my tech buddies still seem to prefer NT4. I prefer 98 because I'm used to using it and found 2000 too much like NT, which requires more technical skill than I have or wish to. If you have no MAJOR problems with your current OS, why change. I,m waiting for the next MS OS release. Who knows it may be an improvement.