View Full Version : Unreliable XMS Memory

07-03-1999, 05:44 PM
Running Win95a, system crashed during start,restarted in safe mode, got black screen with following
XMS Spec V3.0
Error HIMEM.SYS has detected unreliable XMS Memory at address 02686250
XMS Driver not installed
HIMEM.SYS is missing, make sure it is in Windows directory
Press Cntrl+Alt+Del to restart computer

Pressed C+A+D, computer restarted as normal, found HIMEM.SYS in C:\Windows (mod 31/12/95)& in C:\Windows\Options\Cabs (mod 22\4\95).Found Xmsmmgr.exe in C:\Windows\Options\Cabs
How do I replace unreliable XMS Memory at address 02686250 ?.
Regards Frank.