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    Unhappy Duke Nukem For Never?

    Apparently, 3DRealms the maker of the popular Duke Nukem Series has gone belly up.
    Looks like the best running gaming joke will be a permanent one.
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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    About god damn time as well.
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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    Duke Nukem for not much longer...

    It's time for it to go, it had a healthy life.
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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    It was never born.
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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    if this is true then some other company will pick it up and then the cycle will start again..................

    OR they man up and release the best effing game in YEARS

    cause if they dont im sure there will be blood after 11 years of dread and teasing
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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    They (apparently) work on a game for 12 years then shut down...I don't get it.

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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    They are shut - you ain't gonna get it ever.
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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    Pretty much the poster child for vapourware

    I loved Duke Nukem on the Playstation. . . "Come Get Some!!"


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    Default Re: Duke Nukem For Never?

    The game is now being developed by someone else, so it might actually appear soon!

    The companies state that development of Duke Nukem Trilogy, a Nintendo DS and PSP platformer compilation of Duke Nukem: Chain Reaction, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass and Duke Nukem: Proving Grounds, is unaffected by today's news. Development of the trilogy is being handled by Frontline Studios.
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