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    Default Mouse pointer flickers in Windows Explorer (Win Vista 64 bit)

    I recently forked out big money to buy and install Windows Vista Ultimate (64 bit). Everything is fine except for one extremely annoying problem. Whenever I am in Windows Explorer (which I spend a lot of time in), my mouse pointer is continually flickering and showing the hour-glass, as if there is a behind-the-scenes application making the system busy all the time. This makes it extremely difficult to do simple tasks such as click on anything or resize columns. In fact, the problem is so annoying it more or less renders Windows Explorer unusable. The problem also manifests when I browse to save or open files from within other programs, because when I try to use a drop-down menu to navigate the system steals the focus and the menu disappears before I can use it. This problem ONLY happens in Windpows Explorer or in navigation dialogues which use Windows Explorer.

    This problem has been present since I Installed Windows Vista and before I installed any other programs. I have used other versions of Windows for years and consider myself to know a fair bit about Windows, but this problem has got me stumped. I'm wondering if there is a service such as the indexing service which might be causing the problem which I can turn off. Am I the only person that this is happening to? If it carries on I'll be ditching Vista and going back to XP very soon.

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    Default Re: Mouse pointer flickers in Windows Explorer (Win Vista 64 bit)

    Have you installed the drivers, including the chipset drivers?

    Is SP1 installed?

    Looks like this is a common prob with Vista, esp if you use a tablet
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    Default Re: Mouse pointer flickers in Windows Explorer (Win Vista 64 bit)

    What mouse is it, did it come with drivers and software profiles etc? I have seen this on XP also and it is usually the mouse (wireless?)
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    Default Re: Mouse pointer flickers in Windows Explorer (Win Vista 64 bit)

    I had this problem, but fixed it. It's nothing at all to do with your mouse.

    Go to your device manager -> sounds controllers etc -> disable the ATI HDMI device.
    The flickering should now have stopped. If you need an HDMI driver try to roll the driver back, as the default Microsoft one does not have this problem.

    Lemme know if this helped anyone,

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    Default Re: Mouse pointer flickers in Windows Explorer (Win Vista 64 bit)

    Thanks Heaps mate. i had given up fixin this anoying issue and its now solved sweet as

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