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    Default TextBridge Classic 2.0

    Have any of you good people had any luck using TextBridge Classic 2.0

    I’d like to scan some newspaper articles but all I can get is gibberish.

    Scanner works fine on other programmes doing photos (even from a newspaper) but TextBridge, which will let you save as an editable text file --- No go!

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    Default Re: TextBridge Classic 2.0

    At last. I've often wondered how some of the postings here are produced. Some people can't have keyboards

    Seriously, OCR needs very good input. Try various settings ... "line art" mode probably is best; try various resolutions.

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    Default Re: TextBridge Classic 2.0

    I use textbridge all the time.
    A very usefull programme
    You must use line art and set the resolution to at least 300 dpi to get a good result.
    Also use the scanners + buttons to see where to scan each column. Make sure that the cropping is close to the column you wish to scan.
    Play with the options to get the result you want.
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    Default Re: TextBridge Classic 2.0

    I'll confirm what 'ooh yeh' says above, and to add that I have never had much luck OCR-ing newspapers which result in too many errors to bother with.

    Also, I have never had any luck importing images - have tried jpeg, bmp, gif.

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    Default Re: TextBridge Classic 2.0

    thank you

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