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    Default Re: Maori Placenames Pronunciation

    Just pronounce it with an H.
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    Default Re: Maori Placenames Pronunciation

    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    Have you noticed that the TV stations have put themselves up as (so-called) experts at maori placenames pronunciation? But the people who live in these towns don't pronounce it like that.

    A recent story on TV1 about Matamata is a case in point. The TV people pronounced it Muttumuttu whereas the locals pronounced it Matamata - the "a" pronounced the same as in cat or hat. Surely the correct pronunciation of a town's name is the way that the locals pronounce it?

    Besides, I would have thought that the people who first wrote down the maori placenames would have written them down as they heard them so if that is the case why did they not write muttumuttu? That must have been because the moaris they heard speaking pronounced it Matamata. And where on earth do you get an F sound from Wh? If the maoris pronounced it that way surely they would have written Ph or F?

    It seems that the correct way to pronounce maori placenames is as it is written, not the way that the TV stations pronounce them.
    Totally agree with you Roscoe.

    The first thing one has to understand is that there are only 15 letters in the Maori Language, not 26 like English.

    Here they are, for those in a state of shock: a, e, h, i, k, m, n, ng, o, p, r, t, u, w, wh

    Now, may I also bring to your attention there is no F’n “F” in the language, so Whanganui and Wanganui and are pronounced as they are spelt, unless you’re a TV Announcer trying to be all PC. (I know this will raise the ire of a few so called experts so I’ve donned my Flak Jacket.) The same goes for all the other F’n place names.

    You also have to remember that the various Tribes (iwi) pronounced words differently. For instance, the greeting Tēnā koutou is pronounced Tenarkawai if you’re an older Waikato Maori.

    But the one that used to annoy me the most was that woman that did the weather on one of the TV Channels that pronounced Te Kuiti, Queiti. Darling there is no “Q” in the Maori Language.

    Unfortunately, the Language has been bastardised by the Media and a few others and is becoming, or become, irrelevant.

    Better off speaking Swahili, you’ll be able to communicate with a lot more people.
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    Default Re: Maori Placenames Pronunciation

    Always though the "Wh" in maori was enunciated similar to the wh in whet or when.
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