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    Default Re: Help with checking SSD and HDD connections please..

    Not really.
    i7 6700K, 16Gb DDR4RAM, 512GB M.2 SSD, Gigabyte GTX980

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    Default Re: Help with checking SSD and HDD connections please..

    Quote Originally Posted by Chikara View Post
    OK, so my freezing is back again, happened again overnight.

    Finally, once I've don the install and I am ready to plug the 2 HDD's back in. Should I do one at a time, reboot, then do the other one? Or can I do both at the same time?
    you should now go into fault finding mode.
    If you want to trace the cause of the issue , dont plug the other 2 drives in until you are 100% sure the system is stable.
    Format the SSD & load win. Install drivers one at a time & move on when sure its stable .
    It may even be a vid card issue, some faulty vids cards are file untill you install the driver .

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    Default Re: Help with checking SSD and HDD connections please..

    I thought I'd give an update on this. After the last freeze I mentioned in my last post, I did a clean install of Win 10. I made sure to do the install with only the SSD connected, made sure that seemed stable for a few days then added the other 2 HDD's later. I used slightly different MB connectors for the drives this time, but still the Intel ones only.
    So far, after almost a week, I haven't had the freezing problem yet.
    I have had one crash, but it's not the same freezing problem as last time, as this time the PC had already rebooted itself overnight before I realised. (The previous problem was literally a freeze, no rebooting, and only way was hard power off). This crash seemed to trace back to a NVidia driver, and there was just a new update available last week, so I have now installed the latest driver.

    So, I'm quietly optimistic that it may be fixed now. I have created a system restore point and will now slowly add back all my other apps.

    Question - I thought about using Virtual Box to test some program installations there first - good idea? Or more trouble than it's worth?

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    Default Re: Help with checking SSD and HDD connections please..

    Make a restore point now before you start reinstalling anything else. I would make an image of the C drive also.
    That way you can easily get back to your present stable state If you need to.

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