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    Default Re: Spark ADSL+ v Wireless Broadband

    Taking the wireless option will have no bearing on the fibre provision.

    The snipping refers to cutting the copper feed that comes into your house from the street. You don't want that feed on your house wiring if your house wiring is plugged into the wireless modem.

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    Default Re: Spark ADSL+ v Wireless Broadband

    Never been a fan of Telecom/Spark since clear came on the market with cheap toll calls. My latest is that I suspect that Spark are only allowing a limited number of their subsidiary "Skinny" connections. My son got one and is working well and yet I can get perfect 4g signals and can see the tower around 2 km away and Skinny shows on their site I cannot connect. (post code problem???) My son is around 1 km away but the tower is hidden by some trees. Yet Spark say they can supply at almost twice the price I am retired

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