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    Default Corrupt Win7 64bit install.

    I have two computers both running 32bit Win7. Both are 64bit capable. Each PC has its own copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

    I have two HDDs' on each PC and want to install Win7 64bit on the second HDD and use a Dual boot facility. These D: drives have been formatted NFTS Primary.

    Leaving Win7 32bit on the C: drive, I have installed Win7 64bit onto the D: drives on both machines. The 64bit has then activated with Microsoft.

    When I begin to load down the updates from Microsoft I always (on both PCs and two or three separate installs) get an error note that says the install is corrupt.

    Even using chkdsk /f does not fix the problem. Am I missing something obvious? Surely I can run both 32bit and 64bit on separate drives!

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    Default Re: Corrupt Win7 64bit install.

    some of my computer files got corrupted yesterday , i had 64 bits too, but my problem is different to yours .

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    Default Re: Corrupt Win7 64bit install.

    Yes you can run both OS on different drives.

    Try running a scan, click start, type in CMD, right click the result, run as administrator - type in sfc /scannow press enter

    chkdsk looks for and corrects flaws on the disc . . SFC /scannow looks for and replaces bad or missing system files.

    more detailed;

    CHKDSK can do 2 things.

    1. A check to confirm that the file and directory structure is intact and that all clusters in use, are in fact represented in the directory. If they are not, they are "Lost File Fragments".
    2. A physical check of the disk surface to ensure that all sectors can be read/written.

    It does not care whether a file is corrupted or whether the file is the correct version. It just cares that all files are represented in the disk directory and thus can be read when requested.

    SFC /Scannow is confirming the validity of the Windows system files from a version point of view.
    It scans all protected system files immediately and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions.
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    Default Re: Corrupt Win7 64bit install.

    Thanks WT. This time I made sure that I didn't allow W7 to automatically load updates straight after the install. I suspect my problem might have been W7 loading a driver for the Asus Nvidia graphics card. I waited until the W7 installed and then loaded the GPU driver from CD. Everything has worked well since.

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