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    Default Hard drive shortage looming ??

    Side effect of floods in Thailand -

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    Default Re: Hard drive shortage looming ??

    I don't know if I can fault Thailand for not making more PATA drives.

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    Default Re: Hard drive shortage looming ??

    Definitely worth knowing.
    Price per GB will likely increase, possibly significantly, until production is restored.

    Major OEMs will likely get their orders in, and Joe Average will find availability and pricing... bothersome for a while.

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    Default Re: Hard drive shortage looming ??

    Well, taking the bit in the article where they state "Its plants in Ayutthaya's Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate - - - " at face value, a hard drive with Bang Pain sounds like a head crash to me. The alternative interpretation is just too painful to think about.
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    Default Re: Hard drive shortage looming ??

    It's certainly plausible?
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